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Date:2005-08-29 00:05


If this is not allowed, please forgive me and feel free to delete this post. Thank you. =D

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Date:2005-08-01 15:04


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Date:2005-02-13 01:28

she sank her fingers deep into the soil and started clawing frantically, like a dog digging for a lost bone, or a treasurer searching for a gold coin. the dirt was getting under her well-manicured nails but she didn't care. the thought had hit her hard that afternoon while she was ladeling soup into her husband's bowl. they were having lunch at home with her husband's parents, and it was during the soup course, cream of watercress to be exact, that something from the back of her mind surfaced, that which was at the tip of her tongue clung on and climbed back to safety. her husband was hitting on the finer points of how one should manage one's position in the company to attain a promotion. it was something she had heard often enough, so often that she didn't even bother rolling her eyes this time. his parents were beaming proudly over their wine glasses at their fine son, who had made such a name for himself in the printing company that he was a distribution manager of. Not a very high position but at least better than what the neighbour's son was doing (supervisor of a telemarketing team).

still scrabbling at the dirt in her backyard, she wasn't sure what it was that drove her out of her bed and into the night. her husband was still asleep, oblivious to what his wife was doing. she had woken up suddenly, her entire body coming awake as if she had not been sound asleep. there was a sudden urge and it drove her feet into her bedroom slippers, sent them slapping across the wooden floorboards and out into the chilly night. she had not even bothered with a robe, something she realised belatedly as she knelt there shivering in the cold.

she was silently berating herself for being forgetful (who was going to take care of her husband if she fell sick, her mother-in-law would ask) when her fingers touched something. carefully, she pushed aside the loose dirt and stared at the pale white object that was still half buried in the soil. her mind told her that it was an unidentifiable object, although her eyes could make out its unmistakable shape, gleaming with whiteness in the bright moonlight. she put her hand to her chin and stayed in that position for a long time as she pondered over her find. should she bury it again? who put it there in the first place? did she do it? if not, how did she know about it?

the foot just laid in the hole, with more questions than she had answers.

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Date:2003-11-19 12:32
Subject:New word of the week


For the period of 19/11/03 - when I remember to add a new word.

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Date:2003-11-18 20:43

issyleus, who lost a foot many moons ago, has a friend who's a loser.

okay next word!

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Date:2003-09-16 01:22
Subject:On the train

I saw her every morning at the same time, same spot of boon lay mrt. As I pretended to sms my friend, I took every opportunity to steal glances at her.

She's a sweet looking girl I must say. Hair cut fashionably short and dyed a cheery red. If we are in a crowd, I can almost never missed her because of her hair. Her small almond shaped eyes are always forcused on either the electronic display board or impatiently scanning the horizon of the tracks to see if there is any sight of the mrt.

God I wish I could know her. But I don't dare to do it. What if she laughs in my face? Or worse, get frightened off by me? sheesh, I'm such a loser. So morning after morning, I continued to observed her.

Till this morning, something miraculous happened. She was digging around her bag, looking distressed until she spotted me and came over. I swear my heart is going to jump right out of my chest.

"'S'cuse me, can I know the time?" she asked me innocently. I digged around my own bag for my mobile, totally forgetting about about the giant clock hanging less then afew metres away from us. "Oh no need already, I forgot the station has a clock" she informed me merrily while I'm still desperately rumaging through my bag.

I smiled in embarassment and ran a hand through my hair self-consiously. "I've seen you around every morning" she remarked to me. My ticker started hammering again. "Is it?" I smiled. Finally! Thank you Almighty! "yeah you're kinda hard to miss, the girl with the bright orange bag" I smiled sheepishly.

"I forgot my handphone today, hope my boyfriend won't get too worried" she said conversationally to me while my heart plummeted to the depths of my soul. "I see." I remarked casually, trying to sound friendly and emotionless at the same time. Silence reigned as the train arrived.

I threw a painful smile in her direction, it was the best I can managed before I headed for the first cabin, gathering the remains of my shattered hopes and a tiny fragment of my heart.

(written with P in mind, just to see if I can feel from your perspective.)

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Date:2003-09-15 21:36
Subject:New word of the week


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Date:2003-09-14 14:51
Subject:5 loons who wanted money

"hand over your money!"

she swung her head around as she surveyed the group of miscreants surrounding her. there were five of them. the leader of the group was apparently the one who shouted. he was a tall, heavyset brute, who'd probably used his large size and his ugliness to bully the others into following him. he thumped one fist as meanacingly as he could into the palm of the other but she wasn't fooled by that. standing slightly to his right was a skinny fella wielding a stick, of all things. he waved it about as if he knew what to do with it. to the brute's left was a short, squat fella who eyed her with such lasciviousness that it made her skin crawled. he looked like he'd use his lack of height to his advantage by just barreling right into her groin. she crouched even lower in reflex.

behind her, stood two rather average looking boys. they look like anyone's younger brother who spent too much time infront of a gaming console, except for the long pipe that one was holding, and the knife the other boy probably flinched from his mother's kitchen. she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. five young punks had decided that she was an easy enough victim for them to beat.

when they realised that she wasn't going to hand over anything, the brute yelled something that sounded like NIN-NAHBEY! and ran towards her. she caught the skinny and the short one glance at each other hesistantly before they followed their leader's brave charge. already, she felt that she'd won half the battle. she sidestepped the brute's half blind run, ducked beneath his wild arms and stuck out her foot to trip him. it was too easy really. it felt like a dream. she flung her arm forward and caught Skinny in his jaw with a punch, before making a quick grab for his stick and smashing it into Shortie's face. those two went down easily. she could tell they weren't too excited about the attack in the first place.

Knife and Pipe looked at each other before they realised it was their turn. they let out a half-hearted roar as they ran towards the fray. with the newly acquired stick in her hand, she swung it about the way teacher had drilled into her head. balance. control. flow. seek your enemy's flaw before he seeks yours. she ducked between pipe and knife as she spun back to meet them head on. there was a clatter of metal against wood. steady as the rock. swift as the wind. Knife was a better fighter than Pipe was, although Pipe made up for it with young enthusiasm. she danced away from them and back again. she ducked the pipe and shoved her stick into Pipe's stomach. his mouth made an O as the air went out of him. taking that quick reprieve, she swung around to meet Knife. he slashed the knife too quick, too close, far too many times. he made an enraged swing of his arm and it came whistling by her ear. she shieded away and almost lost her balance. Knife caught that misstep and swung another time. this time, his knife left behind a large gash on her right arm and pain shot through her.

she quickly caught her balance and snarled at him. ignoring the blood spurting down her arm, she attacked him with renewed energy. the stick was battered with cuts but it held on. Knife, whose eyes had lit up with momentarily victory, widened with panic at the sudden onslaught. he missed some and got whacked too sharply with her angry stick. afew more hits and he was down on his knees wailing, his arms crossed over his face. disgusted, she smacked the stick across the back of his head that left him unconscious.

Pipe was still rolling about the floor with his hands over his stomach. she hoped she'd broken some ribs. Skinny was rubbing his jaw while glaring at her. Shortie wasn't moving from where he laid. it was then she realised he had one foot missing.

she heard a wild enraged shout and she spun around in time to see Brute had gotten to his feet and is now charging towards her with Pipe's pipe. she swung up her stick to meet pipe and the force from it shook her arms, causing her to wince as she glanced at her bloodied right arm. whatever the Brute lacked in agility, he had ounces of it in brute force. he used the strength in his arms and rained biting blows on her. it was all she could do to defend herself. they could be at it all night, what with his rage-fueled attacks and when she was too weak to do more than raise her stick up in defense.

that was till she tripped over shortie's other foot. she didn't see where she was going and she tripped and fell backwards. she landed unceremoniously on her butt and it sent another wave of pain through her. Brute laughed his evil laughter, it sounded so comical that she would have laughed along if not for the position she was in now. he raised his pipe high above his head, with every intention of bringing it down on hers with as much force as gravity would allow him. she glanced about quickly, caught sight of his undefended groin, mentally berating herself for stooping so low, and then drove her stick right into his crotch.

she did chuckle at the look on his face. she could only imagine the amount of pain that he was going through. she rolled away as he fell to his knees, his pipe forgotten, his hand clutching his wounded parts. she watched as he fell heavily to his side as he let out a loud moan, his face scrunged up in terrible pain. she almost felt apologetic for having done that. then she reminded herself that he was the one who started it first, and smacked his leg with her stick, breaking the stick into two. the howl of pain echoed through the still night.

as she got to her feet, she made sure that none of them were still able-bodied to come after her from the back. dropping the broken stick to the floor, she glanced at her nails and groaned.

"ah fuck. chipped my nails again."

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Date:2003-08-11 19:04
Subject:New word of the week


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Date:2003-08-04 10:23
Subject:New word of the week


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Date:2003-08-02 16:16
Subject:csi fandom - the foot
Mood: sleepy

the once quiet neighbourhood was disrupted by flashing lights and radio sounds. there were three police cars parked at the curb, while curious neighbours lined the sidewalk for a better look. yellow police tape surrounded the front yard of a non-descript looking house. Sara, armed with her tools, gave the scene a cursory glance as she walked up to where Warrick was standing. he was talking to a couple who looked like they were dressed for bed. the frightened looking woman was carrying a shih-tzu in her arms, alternating between answering Warrick's questions and cooing at her dog. the man was staring stoically at the ruckus building around them.

Warrick turned around at Sara's approach and pointed at the yard. "Dog found a foot in the front yard. owners said they didn't know it was there till the dog brought it in. must have been digging around when it found the foot."

Sara quipped, "look at what the dog dragged in."

Warrick raised an eyebrow but decided not to correct her. he walked towards the hole and squatted next to it. previously a grass patch, there's now a rather deep hole in it, with small mounds of soil scattered around it. Sara snapped on her gloves before picking up abit of soil. she rubbed it between her fingers and then put it to her nose for a whiff. she dropped it into a small envelope, and before sealing it, scooped somemore in for good measure. "I'll send this to trace. where's the foot?"

in reply, Warrick got up and strolled towards the front door of the house. on the floor, where it has been left ignoramously by the dog, was the foot. it had a dull blue grey tinge that hinted that it has been decapitated for some time. Sara bent down and tilted her head side ways as she tried to get a better look. she saw clear fluid smeared at some parts, and indistinguishable marks on its ankle.

Warrick, following the direction of her gaze, said "dog saliva. dog bites. that must have been how the dog dragged it in."

she gave no sign that she heard him. she took out a Q-tip and swabbed the clear fluid. she found small white hairs on the foot and took those too for analysis. Warrick got out the camera and began taking pictures. Sara watched him abit before looking over at the couple. they were still standing at the front of their yard talking to Brass. "what were they doing when they found the foot?" she wondered.

Warrick didn't look up from his camera. there was a whirl, a click and a flash as he moved around. "well, they weren't laughing that's for sure. neighbours reported hearing shouting prior. from the way the guy clammed up, i think it must have been some argument."

"so you think the foot has anything to do with what they were arguing?" Sara glanced back at Warrick.

He shrugged. "for all you know, their yard was just a dumping ground. imagine if the dog hadn't found it."

Sara looked at the foot again. "yea. imagine that."

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Date:2003-07-29 22:55

I was born without love.

The man who sired me didn't want me. I was born a girl. A worthless female. An unnecessary burden.

So he left.

The woman who brought me to life didn't want me. I was a painful reminder, a reminder of her failure to produce a son. The son who would have tied her lover to her.

So she left.

The hospital couldn't take me. I was just another abandoned baby, and they had an abundance of those in the overcrowded wards.

Finally, a grim-faced man took me. It was raining when he carried me to the backyard of the hospital. Lightning was flashing defiantly across the skies. He lowered me gently into a box, a dusty wooden crate which once held produce.

I started wailing but I didn't know why.

The cover came on and then there was darkness. I could see no more.

But I could hear the splattering of mud being shovelled onto the cover. I could feel the forlorn raindrops escaping through the cracks and landing onto my cheeks.

Mummy, mummy, are the gods laughing at me?

No honey, they are spitting in your face.

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Date:2003-07-29 19:01
Subject:Dead Journal

0130, July 29, 2003
Blk 133, Ang Mo Kio

Wee Ming looked at the entry he wrote. I think the guys should get my message, with that thought in mind, he switched off his PC.

0630, July 29, 2003
Blk 56, Upper Serangoon

Rick was about to leave his house for work when he heard his ICQ beeped. I am running late, he thought, but what if it’s Xiaoyu? He quickly detoured back to his room and open up his message box. No, it wasn’t her he grimaced. Oh well, might as well scan through my friends list and see who’s awake at this time Rick decide.

Half an hour later, Rick was still staring at his PC. He will not be reporting for work today.

0800, July 29, 2003
Rose Villa, Bukit Gombak

Jane usually checked her email before she stepped out of the house. And her forum. And her friend’s list as well. It’s like a daily ritual to her. However, her daily ritual was horribly disrupted this morning when she looked through her friends list.

She was still screaming when her parents burst into her room in panic.

0930, July 29, 2003
Ideas Pte. Ltd., Eunos

Meiling loves working in an IT company. The joy of surfing during office hours was unimaginable to a clerk slash executive account has been. She heard her boss laughing with her colleagues on their way out to a sales meeting and she grinned mischievously to herself, great, more quality time with my loved one, my one and only Compaq!

With a cup of coffee in her hand, she swirled in her big chair and surfed away happily. Until she reaches her friends list. The cup felt away from her hand, splashing its content all over her but it was the last thing Meiling noticed.

1030, July 29, 2003
Singapore Printing House, Genting Lane

So you got the guy’s identity? John nodded at his editor’s question. Looking through his notes, he began to fill in his boss on what happened. The ranger found the body at Seletar Reservoir at around 0400 when he was patrolling and within an hour, the police identified it as one Mr. Lau Wee Ming. Foul play was not suspected at this moment.

Before John could continue, the phone rang. The editor picked it up, listened to it for five minutes before hanging up. John, he growled, get to speed on this online diary thing called Livejournal. Apparently this Mr. Lau guy wrote his obituary before he killed himself. This, the editor grinned at John, is going to be one helluva story my boy.

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Date:2003-07-28 08:37
Subject:New word of the week


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Date:2003-07-27 23:15
Subject:bad smell

"will you stop bugging me about her? she's nothing alright? she's just a co-worker!"

sniff sniff. sniff sniff.

'then why is she always calling? doesn't she talk to you enough at work already?"

tummy hungry. master yelling. no good. no good.

"she just wants to be friends! she's new at work! she doesn't know anyone!"

need to find food. sniff sniff. find bone. sniff. bone in yard.

"oooh! she doesn't know anyone! well doesn't she have her own friends to hang out with after work! what is she? some charity case?!"

bone in yard. bone in yard. bone in yard.

"you're being unreasonable! what's wrong with me being friends with her!"

sniff sniff. hungry. sniff. master still yelling. ears pain.

"you see her more than you see me! i'm your wife for christsakes! and here you are on her side! yesterday you cancelled on me just because she needed to see you!"

sniff sniff. i smell something funny. not bone. not shoe. sniff. dig i shall. dig dig.

"she had a fight with her ex-boyfriend. she was feeling upset. what was i supposed to have said?"

master don't like dig. master angry. angry master angry. smell bad. dig. dig. dig. dig. dig. dig.

"say you're busy! say you're dying in the hospital! it doesn't matter what you say as long as she knows you're not her boyfriend! you're not her therapist!"

dig. dig. dig. dig. dig. dig. dig. dig.

"that's ridiculous! you've got issues! maybe you need to see a therapist!"

dig. dig. bad smell bad. something. bad smell. pull. pull. pull.

"well i hate that i have to put up with this! long working hours! sometimes work even on the weekends! and now this girl who's interested in you!"

pull pull. pull. pull pull. show master. bark bark bark bark.

"she's not interested in me! you're imagining things! and why is that dog barking again! he's always barking!"

bark bark bark. bark. bad smell. pull pull pull. bark.

"don't drag the dog into this! you never liked him! not once! you never even tried!"

pull pull pull pull pull. master master. bad smell. see. see.. bark bark bark.

"tried?! i walk him i feed him i bathe him! isn't that enough for you?! i didn't even want him in the first place!"

bark bark bark. bad smell bad smell.

"but you never liked him! come sweetie poo, come show mommy what you've... "

bad smell bad smell bad smell bark bark

"what the hell! he brought in a foot! your stinkin' dog found a foot!"

bad smell bad smell bad smell.

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Date:2003-07-27 21:33
Subject:We need to talk...

She: We need to talk

Me: Uh huh (shit. the dreaded 4 worded sentence)

she: There are unresolved issues between us.

Me: Uh huh (hmmm that palm top looks nice.. maybe I should upgrade)

she: I know your ex-girlfrn called you last week, what does she want again?

Me: eh.. (Huh? which ex-girlfrn? Hmmmm spurs is playing tonight at old trafford) Its nothing important..

she: Are you sure? Its not the first time!

Me: Yeah. (The functions on that pda really look good.. maybe I should sell my old one)

she: Yeah right! You said that all the time! Go and get back with her then!

Me: Yeah. (Right.. I'll ebay tonite.. then catch the game with the boys)

she: What?!

Me: What? What did you say?


ME: AWWWWWW, whats that for?

Door slam, deafening silence ensues.


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Date:2003-07-24 16:39
Subject:Love, Sweet Love


Tom shuddered.

She gave him a quick kiss on his shoulder blades and a slight tap on his arms with her fingers, signaling to him she wanted out. Tom removed himself reluctantly from her. He really hated this moment, this clinical lets get on with whatever we happen to be doing now that the sex is over. He hated it so much because this is what their relationship had been all about ever since he saw her at Jackie and Jiling’s wedding.

She removed herself from his bed and began to collect back her clothes, which lay messily all over the place. Tom prop himself on a pillow and watched her reclining back. Now that the passion was over, his guilt, agony, depression and longing came rushing back to him.

“You going back to him?” Tom reached out his hand to her back, so tantalizingly close and yet, unable to touch her.

“Tom, please. We have gone through that before. Don’t spoilt this moment can?” She didn’t even turn her face when replying him, still busily putting on her undergarments.

“Why? What the fuck for? It’s not like you guys have any future at all. If he loves you, he wouldn’t have chosen that path.” Tom growled.

Her back stiffen. Tom knew he shouldn’t have said that, but he wanted to, so much, just to watch her squirm.

“I have issues with Ming, but that doesn’t mean I can just pack my stuff and leave him like that. Me and him, we have something, that you can’t understand, nor do I want to explain to you.” With remarkable efficiency after the initial pause, she was all dressed up, with only the makeup to go. Her back, however, is still facing Tom.

Tom got up from his bed and hugged her, wrapping his hands firmly around her waist, so frighten in his gestures was he to let her go. “I love you. Do you know how much it pains me to see you go back to him? I don’t think I have it in me to say this but I hated him, hated his place in your heart. He doesn’t deserve you, or your love, at all. Don’t go…”

She brought his clasped hands to her lips and kissed it gently. “I have to Tom…please understand ok. I love you too…”

With that, she broke off his hold on her and departed for the door, waving her hands absently, all without looking at Tom. Is it because she doesn’t want to, or she can’t bear to, Tom wonder. Just like their relationship, it is something he can never have a clear answer on.

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Date:2003-07-21 11:25
Subject:New word of the week


For the period of 21/07/03 - 27/07/03.

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Date:2003-07-20 15:54
Subject:An experiment

Friday, July 18th, 1430H

James: "Do you think it'll work?"

Richard: "Beats me, the formula calls for 1 part liquid to 1 part water. Let's just pour the damn thing in."

James opens bottle, pours liquid into beaker. Richard stirs water in pot over fire, adding powder first. He proceeds to pour in the liquid when he turns off the fire. A fragrance fills the kitchen not unlike strawberries.

Richard: "Shit, this had better work, we only have a few hours left."

James: "Oh yeah. It better."

Friday, July 18th, 1700H

Richard: "This is not working. Let's get changed and get out. We're gonna be late again"

Saturday, July 19th, 1400H

Richard: "This is still not working. Let's give it another day."

Sunday, July 20th, 1530H

Richard: "Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the dessert for the day, STRAWBERRY VODKA JELLY (in liquid form). Please excuse me while I go add more jelly powder and try to fix this mess."

Edit: Sunday, July 20th, 1600H

Richard: "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM, where's the measuring container?"

Mum: "Beside the sink."

Richard: "Orh."

Mum: "Why are you adding so much water?"

Richard (impatient tone): "The box called for two glasses of water, 400ml each."

Mum: "No, it's two glasses for a total of 400ml."

Richard: "Oh shit."

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Date:2003-07-18 02:47
Subject:the foot that got away

it wasn't that hard, sawing off a foot. i watched it in a movie once, where a girl, having paralysed a man with some drug, gingerly wrapped his right foor with a piano string. one round, two coils, before pulling both ends apart in different directions. the man didn't move at all, he didn't make a sound. his tongue was paralysed, not just by fear. he made pathetic mewing sounds, like a kitten abandoned on the cold street.

that's what i did. i took the piano string from my momma's piano. i doubt she'd mind. she's not minded anything i've done in the past few years, maybe because she just sits in her chair all day and doesn't move, doesn't talk. just sits there and stinks up the house. the flies are beginning to bug me. anyway, i took the coil from her piano and i did the same thing as the girl did. i wrapped it around the foot as carefully as i can; we don't want to spoil the skin even before we begin. when the coil was nice and neat, i just pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled.

the coil slithered slowly and relentlessly before they tightened around the ankle. skin resisted, and then broke apart. a thin red line of blood formed and trickled. it began to eat into flesh, moist and red almost like quivering jelly, it proved no real resistance. like quicksand, you couldn't stop the coil from sinking as the blood pooled and stained. and then you come down to the bone. the bone. the hard, cool bone. the bone. the bone. there's nothing to do about it but cut it off like the rest. and with one great tug, you slice through the bone, blood spraying everywhere. the sickening crunch. the disgusting squelch as his foot landed somewhere in the corner. first the skin, then the flesh and now the bone. everything gives up after a fight.

i held onto the coil as tightly as i could. breathing heavily, i opened my eyes, that i had clenched shut for that brief moment, and looked down at the mess i've made. my ma gets mad at me when i dirty my clothes, especially my sunday best. but my ma doesn't say much now.

i wish i could stop the screaming. i wish i could stop me screaming. it doesn't hurt. it doesn't hurt. not anymore...

the psychiatrist stared, mesmerized. the patient had stopped for now, head drooped listlessly to chest, a sign that he was done for the day. the psychiatrist spoke softly into the recorder, so as to not awaken the subject, "Patient 3105-K. Name. Richard. Initial analysis. Schizophrenia. Possible Dissociative identity disorder. Possible connection to mother. Note 1. To explore situation with mother. Note 2. Keep for further analysis. Note 3. Possible danger to self and others. Suggest further review with board of doctors."

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